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You Should Know This…before sending your rug out for cleaning.

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Are you a collector of fine, hand woven expensive area rug or the owner of a machine made moderately expensive rug? Maybe you fall somewhere in between those two.

Here at Bal Arisi, we see many different rugs that have very different values. Whether it is a rug that you spent a lot on, one that has immense sentimental value to you, or one that isn’t expensive, but matches your décor and fits your room perfectly, why trust it to just any rug cleaner?

Know what you are getting before you trust your rug to a professional cleaner. Here some things to know about Bal Arisi, that you should be asking any cleaner that will be responsible for your rug cleaning.

Are They Insured?

Bal Arisi is fully insured. You should always ask that before you send your rug off with any cleaner. After all, they now have your rug in their possession. Do you know where they are taking it? Do you know if they are actually doing the work? If the answer isn’t “YES, we are insured,” then don’t give them your rug!

How Will They Remove Dry Soil?

This is a very important question. You cannot imagine the amount of dry particulate matter that can be hiding in your rug. Vacuuming the rug is good but generally it is no enough to remove anywhere near enough. Even just wet cleaning with the strongest truck mount in the world will not remove the dry soil the way a professional rug dusting will. Ask how the dry soil will be removed from your specific rug. There’s more than one away. We at Bal Arisi will happily explain all of that to our customers.

What is the wash process for your specific rug

Washing rugs is very different from cleaning carpet. You should know the process that the professional will use on your rug. Bal Arisi inspects every single rug that comes into our shop and determine the correct wash process for it. Not all rugs are the same and should be treated individually.

These questions may seem like overkill for a simple rug. That is until your rug comes back damaged, or does not come back at all.

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