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How to Clean Your Wool Area Rug

Purchasing a wool area rug, however, slightly more expensive is certainly worth the money. Keeping your wool rug clean can be challenging. Wool rugs are typically long-lasting and easy to maintain if you follow these tips.

There are several ways to maintain the cleanliness and condition of your wool area rug.

Vacuum  Regularly

A simple method to maintain woolen carpets is to vacuum them in a horizontal pattern. (see our video tutorial) Vacuuming in this direction thoroughly cleans the carpet without damaging the fringe or side cords.

It's recommended to vacuum your wool area rugs at least twice a month. This is particularly important if you own a shag rug, or have pets and high traffic which will require more frequent vacuuming. Occasionally, vacuum the underside of the rug to remove more dirt.

Wool area rugs are very forgiving. The minuscule pockets of the fiber trap and hide dirt, making them appear clean longer than synthetic carpets. However, these rugs will eventually require vacuuming to clear the air pockets. Synthetic rug fibers, such as polypropylene, nylon, and acrylic, are plastic. Dirt can only settle on the surface of these fiber types, so will appear dirty quickly.

Rug Dusting

If vacuuming every two weeks is not your thing, you can simply shake your rug outside to clean it, assuming it is a size that is manageable for you. If your rug is on the larger side, it may need to be professionally dusted and cleaned.

Expert Rug Cleaning

Adhering to the above guidelines can prolong the period between expert cleanings. However, your wool rug should ideally be cleaned every 1-2 years, depending on its usage.

However, if your rug has a stubborn stain, it's crucial to seek the help of a professional cleaner or refer to a comprehensive guide on how to clean a wool rug at home.

Some Don’ts For Cleaning A Wool Rug

Do not attempt to deep clean with a DIY carpet cleaner should be left to the professionals. It's simply the best choice.

Do not soak your rug. When wool gets damp, it becomes extremely difficult to dry by yourself. If the rug doesn't dry out entirely quickly, it may develop mold and mildew and the process is irreversible. Therefore, avoid wetting the wool area rug completely.

Avoid using over-the-counter products on pet stains. These products often claim to get rid of pet odors and stains, but inevitably leave a soapy residue in the rug which damages fibers. No over-the-counter product can remove stains, and most only mask the odor, not eliminate it. It’s best to have your rug professionally washed to flush all contaminants and odor out of your rug.

Do not vacuum over fringe edges and side cords.

Do not store dirty rugs. If you are thinking of storing your rug say for any length of time, get it professionally cleaned and wrapped for storage. Moths and rodents are attracted to dirty rugs stored in dark undisturbed places.

If you have any questions about your area rug, please call Bal Arisi at (267) 918-2085. We can describe our cleaning method (see video), walk you through troubleshooting problems, and quote you on our service.  We utilize sophisticated equipment that may appear simple to duplicate, but it isn't. Don’t take chances cleaning your expensive rug, let us help. We promise you will love your rug again!

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