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Rug Repair

Bal Arisi provides expert repair services. Depending on the rug's value and condition, we can help you determine what repair is appropriate.

Rugs take a beating and, over time, show their wear. This adds character to hand-woven rugs and increases the rug's appeal. However, when wear becomes damage and the rug's integrity is compromised, then repairs are necessary to save the rug.

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Bal Arisi provides free consultations for all fine area rugs. We will inspect the rug damage and suggest the best method for repairs. These are just some of the repairs we offer:

Side cord repair– Are the edges of your rug coming away from the rug? is the side cord yarn worn away in places? Bal Arisi skillfully matches yarn color to overcast and reattach damaged side cords.


Kilim damage repair-Is the selvage edge or kilim coming apart? Bal Arisi expertly secures kilim edges, making them look new again.


Fringe damage repair/missing fringe replacement-Fringe on area rugs may take the worst beating by foot traffic, vacuum cleaners, and pets. Bal Arisi offers fringe repair, authentic fringe replacement, or sewing on a completely new fringe.

Fringe wrapping-For several reasons, whether to mitigate pet damage or tripping concerns, some clients would prefer the rug fringe to be removed. Bal Arisi will determine if that is the best course for the rug. Oftentimes removing fringe will compromise the foundation of the rug. Because the fringe is part of the foundation, removing it can cause the rug condition to deteriorate more rapidly. In these cases, Bal Arisi will wrap the existing fringe behind the rug for an aesthetically pleasing appearance of a fringeless rug without the damage of actually removing it.

Reweaving – Bal Arisi can reweave areas where holes or tears in the rug have occurred. After a consultation with the rug owner, the determination can be made if this is a sensible approach for a particular rug.


Color repair - Dye touch-ups can be applied to areas that have a color loss.

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