Premium Rug Padding

Bal Arisi carries only premium carpet padding...Feel the difference!

We offer a selection of premium pads for rugs placed on hard-surface floors or over a carpet.  

Our rug pad is a must under every rug, here’s why…

  • Our rug pad will help extend the life of your rug. Flow-through ventilation will allow your area carpet to breathe, resulting in effective vacuuming and decreased chance of trapped moisture causing mildew.

  • Our rug pad will protect the floor beneath it your rug by keeping the rug in place the pad effectively reduces abrasion to the floor beneath it. It also acts as a barrier to spills and pet urine.

  • Our rug pad will provide maximum non-slip traction by keeping the carpet lying flat.

  • Our rug pad creates a more comfortable and impact-resistant experience with every step.


WunderFirm padding.HEIC

WunderFirm provided extra padding for thin lightweight rugs. This underlay gives the feel of more body to the area rug and allows it to lay flat on top of grout lines, mortar joints, and warped hardwood floors. Constructed with a needle-punch top and nonskid backing, WunderFirm will not damage the floor or area rug. It is 1/4" thick and reversible for rugs on top of carpeting.



WunderGrip is the market leader in vinyl non-slip padding. Vinyl affords maximum gripping power and cushioning without the thickness of other pads. WunderGrip will not stain or discolor your floor and is washable. Open pattern construction makes vacuuming easier by allowing greater airflow and lessens the chance of harmful mildew. Guaranteed for 20 years to maintain all non-slip properties.