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area rug washing

Area Rug Washing

Bal Arisi follows a 5-step process to expertly clean your Oriental rug or fine area rug and restore its natural beauty.

Step 1

Pre-Inspection -If possible, we do an initial pre-inspection on-site to identify any major issues that we can address immediately with the customer. Once your rug is in our shop, we will do a more thorough inspection, identifying any damage to the rug that may need repair, pet contamination, dye instability or bleed, etc. The rug is tagged, Photo documented and sent to dusting.

Step 2

Dusting – Your rug then undergoes a thorough dusting. Depending on the integrity of the area rug, we will either put the rug through the tumble duster or, for more fragile fine area rugs, we will use Bal Arisi’s percussion dusting method. Through the dusting process, dry particles of dirt and debris are extracted from the rug before it moves to the wash floor.


Step 3

Washing – At Bal Arisi, we wash almost all area rugs on our wash floor, submerging the rug for a full bath. Depending on the fiber (wool, silk, or other materials) and the needs of the rug, we will determine which cleaning products and methods are used.

Step 4

Drying– The rug then moves into the drying process. The speed and efficiency during drying are of utmost importance. Bal Arisi uses a high-powered water extraction machine to remove excess water from the rug so that it is nearly dry before it goes to the hanging rack in our temperature-controlled space to dry completely. While it is hanging on our dry rack, we groom the rug out so that the pile dries correctly.

Step 5 

A final inspection and spotting are given to the rug. If repairs are being made, the rug then goes on to be repaired. before being photo-documented again and then rolled for pick-up or delivery.

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