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Distressed Again in 2022

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Trend specialists, influencers, and interior designers all say that vintage and geometric rugs are going to be the trend again in 2022

What is the attraction to these vintage rugs? Authentic vintage rugs boast several advantages over their machine-made counterparts. For one, they are generally handmade and built to last. Proof of their durability is the age of these rugs. Handwoven area rugs have a lifespan well into hundreds of years if cared for properly. As these rugs age, they naturally acquire a vintage look. The rug weaving industry has found a way to make these traditional rugs popular again by updating the textile with a process that speeds up the process of that aged look, chemically fading the colors to give a modern distressed look fitting into the décor trends of modern interiors.