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A Guide to Positioning Your Rug

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

A rug is an important accessory to any room. It brings warmth and personality to a room and createsa specific feeling for specific areas.


Rugs have to ‘embrace’ the space. A small rug in the center of a large living room would look uncoordinated and out of place, while a big one embracing all your furniture will create an inviting area.

  • If you are positioning a rug under your dining table, make sure to center the rug with the table. The chairs should be inside the rug area (making sure they are easy to pull/push when you are using it.)

  • The same principle applies to couches, if your couch is touching the wall on the back, you can place your rug under the couch, making sure the edges are equal on both sides.

  • Furniture has to be placed on top of the rug, not outside of the rug area to avoid scratches that can permanently damage your floors.