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Love your home office

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Last year, many of us quickly shifted to a remote work scenario, scrambling to create space for a home office or work in an office space that was not intended to be a primary workspace to be used daily. But necessity being the mother of invention we all made it happen. Hopefully, you took it in stride and possible even found that working in a new environment generated more creativity. However, now that working from home has become normalized and companies are adopting it as its standard modus operandi, you may want to reconsider your space. A change of surroundings changes perspective and boosts creativity! If you need a little boost in the creativity department, try giving your at-home workspace a makeover. Read our five simple tips to recreate your space.

1. Declutter

Home life and work life immediately became intertwined. Balancing the two, normally difficult now may seem impossible. To really be productive and feel good in your space it is crucial to declutter. Desks and even surrounding floorspace can be clutter magnets. Start by clearing off your desk so you can see what belongs there. Perhaps items that are not relevant to work have made their way there, such as toys, extra coffee mugs, dog treats, etc. It's one of the biggest challenges in working from home, but it is important to maintain the purpose of your office. Once you've decluttered, you're ready for Step 2.