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Love your home office

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Last year, many of us quickly shifted to a remote work scenario, scrambling to create space for a home office or work in an office space that was not intended to be a primary workspace to be used daily. But necessity being the mother of invention we all made it happen. Hopefully, you took it in stride and possible even found that working in a new environment generated more creativity. However, now that working from home has become normalized and companies are adopting it as its standard modus operandi, you may want to reconsider your space. A change of surroundings changes perspective and boosts creativity! If you need a little boost in the creativity department, try giving your at-home workspace a makeover. Read our five simple tips to recreate your space.

1. Declutter

Home life and work life immediately became intertwined. Balancing the two, normally difficult now may seem impossible. To really be productive and feel good in your space it is crucial to declutter. Desks and even surrounding floorspace can be clutter magnets. Start by clearing off your desk so you can see what belongs there. Perhaps items that are not relevant to work have made their way there, such as toys, extra coffee mugs, dog treats, etc. It's one of the biggest challenges in working from home, but it is important to maintain the purpose of your office. Once you've decluttered, you're ready for Step 2.

2. Get Organized

Congratulations, you've successfully decluttered your office! Now you have a larger task in front of you; organizing it! You can use decorative bins, drawer dividers, and shelving systems to organize and keep clutter at bay. Once you’ve organized your space, you’re ready for Step 3!

3. Reposition

Try out old things in new places. There is something to the concept of Feng Shui. Move the furniture around in your space. Change the direction of your desk. Facing a different way while you work can give you a whole new perspective and renewed motivation. The chair that is always in front of your desk might find a happy new home next to the window. This may invite you to take a thoughtful break, take a look outside and feel more refreshed when you come back to your desk.

4. Make it Personal

Look for ways to bring your personality into your office with wall hangings, baskets, window treatments, or even plants. Studies have shown that nature can make us feel more inspired and relaxed. Not only will plants improve air quality and lift your spirits, but they will brighten up your space and the background of your next Zoom meeting. So go ahead and add a leafy houseplant or exotic succulent in a fun planter. No time to nurture a plant? Try a cactus that will thrive in dry conditions and need little care.

5. Create a Clean Environment

You spend a lot of time here! Some are saying that they are working even more hours than when they were in a workplace office. So your office has to be more than just a functional space, it has to be a clean and comfortable place in which you spend your day. Now that it is decluttered, organized, and personalized why not have your carpet and upholstered furniture deep cleaned by a professional like McCartin’s Services. Why not have your area rugs sent out for a professional cleaning as well and perhaps repaired to extend its life. Contact Bal Arisi for pick up and service.

Make this space somewhere you enjoy spending time and can produce your best work. Those with furry office mates may even want to keep an extra pet bed in the corner to make it more inviting and comfortable for your pal. Some professional carpet cleaners like McCartin’s will even clean pet beds when we are there to clean the carpets.

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