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Are your Rugs ready for Moth Season?

In the last couple years, we at Bal Arisi Area Rug Washing and Repair have seen a marked increase in moth infestation in wool area rugs. This is most likely due to warmer winters. Central heating and an increasing popularity of rugs made from natural fibers mean that cloth eating moths are now a year-long problem.

There is, however, still a noticeable emergence in adult moths around April and May and a second wave in August and September.

So what can you do right now?

You should be able to recognize the signs of an infestation. Read our blog post on the warning signs of moths.


Dealing with moths should become part of your household maintenance chores. Adult moths are a tell-tale sign, but it is the tiny larvae that cause the damage. Pay special attention to clothing, rugs, and other home goods containing natural fibers like silk, leather, wool, down and feathers. Larvae need the keratin in these fibers. They are also attracted to fibers that are soiled. It is important to launder all clothing before hanging it in a dark closet. It is equally as important to vacuum regularly especially if you have wool, cotton or silk rugs. Make sure to move furniture that may be on top of the rug. Cloth Moths unlike Miller Moths are not attracted to light, but prefer dark places. If you have pets that have had accidents on your rugs, make sure to have them professionally cleaned. Dirty rugs are a tasty treat to moth larvae.

It is advised that if you notice any moth activity in your home, to call a licensed professional to rid your home of the insects.

To pre-empt any destruction of your wool or silk rugs, have Bal Arisi hand wash your rugs and treat them with a moth deterrent that is safe for you and your pets. Call us, at (267) 918-2085 to learn more and set up an appointment with Bal Arisi.

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