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The Oil and Rug Connection

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Why should the high price of oil have you reconsidering getting rid of your current area rugs?

Banned oil imports from Russia have gas prices at a new record high. That's to be expected when crude oil prices skyrocket, but each 42-gallon barrel of oil only produces about 19 gallons of gas. Much of the rest of the barrel goes into making diesel, jet fuel, and other petrochemical products. But part of each barrel is also a crucial part of a surprising amount of things you use in your daily life, such as detergent, chewing gum, lipstick, sports equipment, the list goes on— and the price of those goods stands to rise along with gas prices.

One of those things that you may take for granted is the rug and carpet under your feet. Most wall-to-wall carpeting as well as some modern production area rugs, are synthetic, which means it's probably made from petroleum-based fibers like nylon or olefin.

Materials vary a little more in area rugs, and you find blends of cotton and nylon or other materials. If you're looking to purchase a new area rug or Oriental rug, stick to wool, silk, or cotton. Wool and silk rugs tend to be most durable if taken care of. Having them hand-washed as often as needed will extend the life of your rug. If you have area rugs that are made with synthetic materials or are tufted (with a canvas backing applied to it with an adhesive) that you are thinking of replacing, you may want to rethink that purchase right now. You will save money by keeping your existing area rugs and calling Bal Arisi to wash and/or repair those rugs instead. Once back in your home, you may find you love your old rug again!

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