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Conserve Your Home Heating With Rug Pad

The cost of fuel is too high to waste your homes heat.

We all have been feeling the pain of high fuel prices. As colder winter temperatures settle in, we may be hyper-sensitive to conserving where we can. This is particularly important when it comes to heating your home. Here’s How we can help...

Most homes are insulated. Home insulation is measured by its r-value (resistance value). The higher this measurement, the better it resists heat transfer or loss through its walls or roof.

Rugs act in much the same way. Notice on a cold winter morning walking barefoot on carpet is naturally warmer than any hard surface floor. Now imagine doubling the thickness of that rug by adding rug pad. Padding installed or placed under rugs and carpet will keep a room warm by adding a layer between your room and the subfloor, which means more insulation. This is especially true if the floor is on a concrete slab.