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Hmmm… Sisal, Jute, or Sea Grass Rug?

There are many natural fiber rug choices it can be confusing which one to buy, or to buy one at all. Any day of the week you can go on popular home decor recommendation sites like Houzz and see posts from disillusioned customers who bought a beautiful natural fiber rug, only to be sending it to the curb in just a few years. So really do your research before purchasing.

What is a Natural Fiber Rug?

When you hear the term natural fiber in the context of rug material, it almost always is referring to fibers, such as jute, sisal or sea grass. These are all cellulosic, which is essentially plant-based. Wool, silk, and cotton are also natural fibers, but are not grouped into the natural fiber category though can be used in conjunction with the cellulosic fibers to create a blend.

Rugs made completely or in part of natural cellulosic fiber have their challenges. One of which is cleaning!