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Has Fast Homewares Become the New Fast Fashion?

In celebration of April being Earth Month, Bal Arisi Area Rug Washing and Repair proposes giving us a call and letting us work our magic to restore your area rug and save it from a long undecomposable life in a landfill. (A nylon rug takes 40+ years to decompose)

Just as fast fashion normalized spending loads on updating wardrobes every season of every year, fast homeware has normalized the constant tweaking, updating, and redesigning of living spaces. The pandemic seemed egg this trend on. With most of the workforce working from home in pajamas, online sales of cheerful interior furnishings and fun area rugs increased as our spending on clothing waned. But just like fast fashion pieces which ultimately end up in landfills, so do the many cheaply-made, pretty area rugs that are now soiled, wo