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5 Reasons Why You Need a Rug Pad Under your Area Rug

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

You may think a rug pad is used just under wall-to- wall carpeting to make thin rugs more comfortable under foot. While it is true that it does ad cushion, it is not just for underneath wall-to-wall carpeting. It is so beneficial to use padding under area rugs too; here’s why…

1. Safety

A rug pad helps to hold your area rug safely in one place. A non-slip rug pad is the best away to avoid accidents due to a shifting rug. Even rugs anchored by furniture can slide or bunch up without a rug pad and create a tripping hazard. We even have rug pads designed to be placed between an area rug and carpet.

2. Comfort

The additional layer of cushion provides a softer

more buoyant feeling as you walk across the rug. This extra layer of cushion also acts as noise insulation, making your rooms quieter and even provides insulation from the cold floor in colder months. Check out our plush rug pad here.

3. Health Rug pads promote airflow through your rugs. Air circulation through your rug reduces moisture being trapped in your rugs. This prevents mildew, mold and bacteria from growing in the fibers, making cleaning easier.

4. Protection Area rugs can collect and hold a lot of gritty dirt and can damage your floors over time as it moves and slides around your hardwood floors. Without a rug pad, the material is pushed against the hardwood floor causi

ng thousands of tiny scratches. Using a rug pad will also give your floors added protection from dye bleed from your rugs, which can occur with liquid spills and pet urine.

5. Longevity Friction from walking on a rug and from a rug slipping can damage and crush the rug pile. A rug pad will prevent fiber crushing or stretching—maintaining the beauty and increasing the longevity of your investment.


When choosing the rug pad that’s right for your home, there are a few things to consider:

  • How thick is my rug?

  • Where will it be – hardwood, carpet, cement or other hard surfaces?

  • How thick should my rug pad be?

And we’re here to help answer your questions! We will custom size and cut pad to perfectly fit your rug.

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