Outdoor Cushion Cleaning and Winter Storage


Professional outdoor patio cushion, umbrella and pillow cleaning, repair, and Winer storage with free pick-up and delivery.


Accepting reservations for Fall 2022 pick-up now.


In the Fall, we pick up your outdoor furniture cushions and umbrellas, clean, repair, and store them over the winter and drop them back off to you in the Spring. It's that easy!

Be ready for the warm weather season without all the work. Do you love spring, but dread what the patio cushions will look like when they come out of your winter storage area? Even if your furniture is covered during the winter, it may still accumulate dust or mildew. Take the hassle out of pre-and post-season patio cushion clean-up/storage. We now offer cleaning and winter storage for outdoor patio furniture cushions, umbrellas, and watercraft cushions.

We are experts at caring for your outdoor fabrics, from cleaning Sunbrella™ fabric cushions, patio umbrellas, outdoor area carpets to watercraft fabrics.  We can help them last longer with our protector application following cleaning. We will pick up your outdoor cushions at the end of the season or you can drop them off at our location. Fabrics are examined for stains or needed repairs, cleaned, repaired, wrapped, and stored at our location. When you are ready to use them in the spring, they will be ready for pickup or we will deliver them to you.


Other services we offer include fiber protection, repairs, and color restoration for sun- or chlorine-faded fabrics. We use UV stabilized or marine vinyl thread on all of our repairs.


About Our Service

  1. Winter storage orders must be pre-paid at the time of order.

  2. Save 10% if you drop off and pick up your items.

  3. Cushions must be dry, we will not take wet cushions.

  4. Pick-up service is in Fall and drop-off service is in April. 

  5. Pricing sample:

  • Pillows - $15/pillow

  • Dining Seat type cushions - $20/cushion

  • Up to 2.5’x2.5’ seat/back cushions - $25/cushion

  • Over 3’ any dimension - $13/LF

  • Umbrellas - $100-$150 depending on size (6’,8’,10’, etc.)

  • Outdoor rugs-$1.25/SF

About Your Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor fabrics are typically constructed to withstand exposure to nature. Those fabrics can include both natural fabrics such as cotton or linen and synthetic fabrics such as nylon, acrylic, or polyester.  Each fabric reacts differently to exposure to the elements and routine care.

What to Know About Your Cotton Fabrics

Colored cotton will fade relatively quickly in areas of high light exposure and cotton fabric will shrink when wet, so it is usually fastened to a framework.  Most cotton canvas fabric is treated with a waterproofing agent that will wear off in time.


Cotton can also be susceptible to molds and mildew if it is stored wet or if the fabric is against any material that will trap moisture, preventing it from drying quickly.  What looks like dark soil can actually be irreversible staining caused by mildew.  Mildew-resistant treatments can be applied but will need periodic reapplication depending on weather exposure and use.

Although cotton and linen can be lightened by using a dilute solution of chlorine bleach, this can also degrade the strength of the fiber and shorten the life of the fabric.  Bleaching will not remove staining damage caused by mildew.

What to Know About Your Synthetic Fabrics

Today, most outdoor fabric is made of a synthetic material designed to be resistant to outdoor use.  Synthetic fibers are naturally resistant to color loss, mildew, and insects.  However, mildew allowed to grow on surface soil can permanently damage a synthetic fabric. These fabrics are tough enough to stand up to both the weather and the more aggressive use that comes with outdoor exposure. That said, over time sunlight and the elements will wear on these fabrics. The best way to extend the life of an outdoor fabric is to keep it clean and periodically re-apply the protective coating.

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