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The scary truth about what is lurking in your Oriental rug.

Updated: Mar 31

A study by Eureka found that a 9 x 12 area rug could hide up to 87 lbs. of dirt!

How much dirt is lurking in Your rug? This is a good question, and the answer could be “much more dirt than you think.”

Whether the Eureka study is accurate or not, we at Bal Arisi know for certain that your area rug can hide an enormous amount of dirt, and it is hard to get it out unless you hire a professional area rug cleaner that uses proper techniques and equipment.

It's important to rid your rug of dirt because dirt actually causes damage to your rug. Dirt acts like sandpaper on a rug. As hidden dirt buildups, it can prematurely wear out or ugly out a fine Oriental or loose woven rug if not cleaned. A thorough dusting and immersion cleaning and rinsing is important to help extend the longevity of your rug.

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